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Modest Beginnings

The Life Underwriters Association of the Philippines (LUAP) was established by a handful of individuals from different life insurance companies in February 1984 as a response to the growing need for life underwriters in the Philippines to professionalize and distinguish themselves through training, education, and personal development.

In a year prior to its establishment, efforts to form the association gained momentum through the determination and passion for the industry by its notable founders, Mrs. Avelina de Jesus, Mr. Orlando Javier, and Mr. Gonzalo B. Cruz.

Together For A Common Cause

As LUAP slowly took its place in the Philippine life insurance landscape, it attracted the volunteering spirit of movers and shakers of the industry such as Ms. Lourdes del Mundo, Mr. Ricardo Aguila, Mr. Cesar Reyes, Mr. Gregorio Tongko, Mr. Antonio Ignacio, Ms. Tedia Camarillo, Ms. Purificacion Lozare and Mr. Raphael Pacquing. With like-minded individuals working together in this organization, LUAP was subsequently registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in March 1984.

A Symbol of Strength, Value, and Success

The current LUAP logo was designed by Mr. Fernando “Ding” Acoymo, an enthusiastic volunteer and member of LUAP, intended to symbolize the values that should be embraced by every life underwriter. The logo’s backdrop has the eagle as a symbol of strength, success, and the ambition to soar high. The two eagle heads looking at opposite directions symbolize vigilance and discernment between right and wrong. The eight claws of the eagle outlined in the logo represent the LUA Code of Ethics embodying the common ideas of the organizers. The colors of the logo are blue which symbolizes service and security, and gold which represents productivity and prosperity for all, and white signifying purity of motives and intentions.

Changing The Game

Fast-forward to the era of smartphones, reality shows, and social media, LUAP became part of the highly dynamic landscape of the life insurance industry as well as society.

In 2013, under the Presidency of Ms. Arlyn Tan, LUAP hosted the 14th Asia Pacific Life Insurance Congress. This was the 2nd time that APLIC was held in Manila with Ms. Nenette Aseniero as the 14th APLIC Chairman. In 2014, under the leadership of Ms. Cecilia de Mesa, the industry saw the first Voice of LUAP, a contest that showcased the vocal talents of advisors representing different insurance companies. Under the helm of Ms. Janette Tan Lee in 2015, LUAP sought to bring value to its members by coming up with the SMS: Sales Mastery Series which became a platform of best practices shared by different advisors and leaders in the industry. It was also the same year when the Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioners (FChFP) program was first offered to provide continuous education and professionalism to the Filipino financial advisor. LUAP also started its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, “LUAP Gives Back.”

The 32nd Anniversary of LUAP in 2016 brought the biggest membership of over 6,000 people nationwide under the leadership of Mr. Emmanuel Paras. To celebrate the 32nd anniversary, the LUAP Membership Fee was reduced from Php1200 to Php320 to make the membership attractive and accessible to rookies and seasoned members alike.

To make its impact felt by the industry and in the community, LUAP, under the leadership of Ms. Sherry Ong, in 2017 launched its first short film, “Umaga”, a story of a real-life insurance beneficiary. The 10th Philippine Life Insurance Congress (PLIC) was also held on that same year.

Broadening Our Reach

In the past few years, LUAP has further expanded to become the premier association for financial advisors in the Philippines. Recognizing the growing importance of technology in society, LUAP strengthened its presence in the digital space by shifting its membership process online, revamping its website and social media pages, and launching its mobile application. These helped the association become more responsive to its members’ concerns and provide the appropriate support through its programs.

One of its campaigns sought to bring awareness to the ill effects of poaching in the industry. This was premiered during the revival of the LUAP General Assembly in 2018. In the same year, “A Cup with LUAP” was launched to keep advisors updated on industry news and trends. PLIC and MDRT continued to be landmark events, reaching more members with every instalment. 

Navigating The New Frontier

The pandemic radically changed people’s lives and ways of doing things. The insurance industry wasn’t exempted from its effects but despite the setbacks, companies, and advisors had to be both steadfast and agile as now more than ever, there is a need for financial protection and security.    

LUAP also rose to the challenge, breaking physical boundaries to continue making education accessible to its members. In 2020, PLIC transitioned to become a virtual event and the following year saw its biggest attendance with 3,000 learners present. LUAP also produced a series of videos called “Exchanging Concepts in Quarantine” to discuss coping measures and foster resilience among its members. In 2021, the first “LEAP: LUAP Education Acceleration Program” was conducted. It is a short course to upgrade the skills of insurance professionals, focusing on both the intrinsic value of pursuing this career along the technical knowledge needed to succeed.

While the country’s situation remains volatile because of the pandemic, LUAP perseveres in its mission to elevate the professionalism and standards of the insurance industry. It closely works with the Insurance Commission to meet the needs of financial advisors and goes beyond the industry by providing educational aid to local communities. 

Avelina De Jesus

1984-1987 President

Orlando Javier

1988 President

Lourdes Del Mundo

1989 President

Gregorio Tongko

1990 President

Executive Committee

Agnes Ng-Tan

Immediate Past President

Christina Trinitas Maciba

2023 National President

Nonna D. Medina

1st Vice President

Godofredo B. Peteza, III

2nd Vice President

Dawn Avigail P. Zoleta

National Secretary

Sharon Joy G. Ang

National Treasurer

Board of Trustees

Michael Christian Advincula

Martin Gabriel L. Cruz

Mark Joseph T. Fernandez

Necel Jean Galvez

Carla Joyce Garcia

Christine Angela Manalaysay

Jacob Garett Maralit

Melvin Mella

Joselito Palma

Lesley Anne Perez